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Posted by on May 4, 2012

I have never written anything about my boyfriend on this website…call me old fashioned, but I´m not a blogger who divulges all my most personal information on my website. However, considering recent events and the mass appeal for more information, I present to you the story of my engagement to a Sexy Spaniard (or Dirty European…you pick).

Two folding bikes on a mountain path

Who says folding bikes can't conquer mountain paths?

Sexy Spaniard had been working crazy hours and decided he needed a weekend away in the mountains with our bikes. As it is not uncommon for us to explore some new nearby town for a day or two, I suspected nothing. We decided to head to the Catalan Pyrenees in France, only about 2 hours away from where I live, just across the French border. There we stayed in a tiny village called Sahorre. The landscape was beautiful…complete with snow capped mountains, sunny valleys, cascading streams, and budding flowers. We set out to explore the mountain area of Canigou by bike.

Yes, my same little folding bike that took me across Northern Spain on the Camino de Santiago now accompanied me through the French Pyrenees. We wove through cute villages and rugged mountain bike paths as we found our way to a mountain peak (sans snow of course). I obliviously continue snapping pictures and finally sit down to have a snack of French pastries and water that Sexy Spaniard brought me. I notice though that when he sits down, he is totally nervous and has tears in his eyes.


I immediately suspect what may be getting read to happen, and sure enough, he produces a blue gift bag and asks in his broken English, “Do you want to get married to me?” I pause and although I´m totally stunned, I can´t imagine saying no, so I kiss him. “But what’s your answer”? Ha! Forgot that minor detail of actually saying yes. So I say yes, and unwrap the ring box to find a very beautiful and unique ring awaiting me. I was very proud of Sexy Spaniard for pulling off an “American style engagement” for me like they see in the movies…here in Spain, they don’t really do big proposal moments and I was grateful for the effort to adapt to my culture. :)

Not your average Saturday...french pastries, biking in the Pyrenees, and getting engaged!

The ring was doubly meaningful as it looks like switchbacks up a mountain, similar to what we had just conquered on our bikes. I busted out in tears as he explained the ring’s symbolism of all the twists and turns we will experience in life as a couple, but that the path continues on infinitely and we will have each other through all those good and bad times. The whole thing was perfectly sentimental, romantic, and very much done in a style that suits us. Sigh. I am so excited. I have the best fiancé ever.

If you want to see pictures of and read more about the Catalan Pyrenees where we got engaged, click here….


We are already working our way through some of those twists and turns, as we are now immersed in trying to figure out how to pull off a wedding in the USA, a second reception in his hometown in Spain, what country we will live in next, what we will do for work, sorting through the tons of paperwork required to get a visa and residency for Juan if we end up in the USA, meanwhile I am starting a new job next week. There are some great options for us in the works, but I will wait to comment on that until we know for sure what will pan out.

5 Responses to Hello ENGAGEMENT!

  1. Diisha Hicks

    Please, update this mess!!

  2. Diisha Hicks

    hey! you need to update this mess.

  3. Dana

    RACHEL!! this is amazing! I’m sorry it took me so long to congratulate you…what an unbelievable story, and he is REEEALLY hot–good for you ;-) I know its been along journey with a few that didn’t work out, but I am so so happy for you that you’ve found a good guy. I pray that your dreams come true with the sexy Spaniard :)

  4. Katie

    I loved reading this!!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful story and he sounds wonderful! I’m so happy for you!

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